The entry inventory is the last step before the handing over of keys when renting or returning a property. It must be contradictory, carried out between the landlord and the tenant and must be objective.

  • So, should everything be noted ?
  • What are the mandatory documents to be provided by the landlord?
  • What are the obligatory parts to be provided by the tenant?
  • Should we necessarily take meter readings?
  • Should we leave with a copy?

For each rental carried out on MorningCroissant, we provide a pre-filled inventory of fixtures  to the owner and the tenant.
The inventory of fixtures at the entrance is not an act to be taken lightly. Then be attentive in your annotations and rigorous in the constitution of your file and especially, follow our 5 advices to make a success of your inventory of fixtures.

1 - Should everything be noted on the inventory of fixtures?

Following numerous abuses and misunderstandings by professional or private owners, a climate of mistrust reigns during the inventory of fixtures meeting.
However, it is not necessary to examine the floor with a magnifying glass!
Remember that if it is too detailed at the entrance, it will also be too detailed at the exit.

A grid of obsolescence of the coverings, sanitary and electrical appliances distinguishes the different points on which the calculations of deductions will be based when the deposit is returned.

It is therefore important to categorize each part of each room ( floor, walls, ceilings, electrical appliances, household appliances...) and to specify whether it is new, in good condition or obsolete. If some are smart enough to exchange or reproach for having exchanged a Bosch oven with a Carrefour brand oven, cover yourself and specify the brand on your inventory.
Of course, precisions such as snags on floors or wallpaper, cracks, point or plug holes on walls or tiles, felt marks on the walls. ... are important and will prove that this state of use was already present when you took possession of the premises.

2 - Which documents must be provided by the landlord ?

If your accommodation has a gas installation, the owner will have to provide a maintenance certificate for the boiler for example. This document is valid for one year for the current heating period and must be renewed annually and provided again to the owner, according to the same rules, when the tenant leaves.
If the appointment for this maintenance is scheduled before your arrival, think imperatively to open the gas meter so that the technician can carry out the mandatory tests.
The same applies to chimneys and stoves which must be swept and justified by a professional at the entrance and exit.
These fuels are too dangerous to take these checks lightly !
If your dwelling is new, the landlord must recover and provide the tenant with the certificate of compliance and the PDL number required to open the electricity meters from the competent services.

3 - What are the parts to be provided by the tenant ?

The inventory of fixtures is the last deadline to provide the owner with a certificate of home insurance. This one will have to start from the effective date of the lease. It will cover, among other things, damage due to natural disasters (hail, fire...).
For his part, the owner is obliged today to also subscribe to an insurance called PNO (Non-Occupant Owner).
If you are a beneficiary of social housing benefits, you will have to provide the rent certificate to be filled in by the owner. Some family allowance funds now process files and applications for benefits via their website. Please note that the allowance is paid in arrears. This means that you will have a month's delay on the transfer.
For the first payment, it is interesting to take possession of the premises at the end of the month in order to receive the allowance at the beginning of the following month.

4 - Should the meters be read ?

It is imperative to take a reading of the various meters.
Indeed, your consumption will start at the indices read. Your inventory of fixtures will be taken as proof in case of dispute, if work was carried out before you entered the premises for example or if the previous tenant did not take the necessary steps to cancel the contract. Make sure that the figures reported are correct and not erroneous.
If your home has a gas installation, the meters are in cupboards, in the common areas. For this, take a square key or a flat screwdriver to be able to open the doors easily.
For electricity, the meters are generally in the home. Attention, for Linky meters, only the button on the left will give you the necessary information. The others will give you incomprehensible information and it is difficult to return to the menu we are interested in.
For exclusively electric homes with day/night time slots, it will also be necessary to distinguish between "off-peak" and "peak" readings. Finally, as regards water meters, there are two points to be distinguished: if your dwelling is a condominium with a water supply charged on the rent or if your water meter is individual. In a condominium, the owners advance common charges based on an annual forecast. They then integrate them into the rent as "provisions for charges" in order to recover them from the tenant. Your consumption will end at the statement made at the time of the inventory of fixtures of exit.

5 - Must we leave with a copy ?

The inventory of fixtures is meant to be objective and contradictory. The annotations entered must be validated by both parties.
It is therefore possible that some annotations may be deleted or, conversely, added after the document has been signed. It will therefore be impossible to prove your good faith if you do not have a document in your possession.
It is therefore imperative to leave with a copy.
If the document is handwritten, it is wise to scan it so as not to lose track of it.

Owners, tenants, you are in possession of all the necessary knowledge to start your rental as well as possible.
A large number of rentals are made in France each year. Don't worry, almost all of them go smoothly!
The dialogue is essential and everyone must respect rules and obligations.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask us for advice. 

It's now up to you !