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Simplify your bookings and monitoring of your employees

Short-term rentals for business trips

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    Marie Durant
    Paul Martin
    Accepted request
    Pierre Dupont
    Pending request
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    Manage your employees

    From your administrator account, you can by a click allow employees to charge their bookings directly to the company. No more expense reports, you validate in advance the expenses of your employees.

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    Travel purpose

    Simplify the booking process

    Register a credit card and enable your team members to pay for their bookings directly on your business account.

  • Employee Cap
    Marie Durant
    Paul Martin
    Accepted request
    €100 / night
    Pierre Dupont
    Pending request
    €80 / night

    Control expenses

    Set a maximum budget per night for each of your employee.

  • Download all invoices  
    Invoice for booking #156235
    Stay from May 23th 2016 to May 30th 2016
    Oct. 1st 2015
    Invoice for booking #126569
    Stay from May 16th 2016 to May 17th 2016
    Sep. 28th 2015
    Invoice for booking #103589
    Stay from April 14th 2016 to April 18th 2016
    Sep. 24th 2015

    Centralized billing

    Benefit from a centralized billing with all bookings made by your employees.

  • Booking Details
    Accepted booking
    Agricultural show
    Oct. 13th 2015 → Oct. 22th 2015
    Arthur Vignal
    Accepted booking
    May 22th 2016 → May 30th 2016
    Enzo Vagarde

    Improve your duty of care

    Follow in real-time when and where your team members are staying during their business trips.

Why professionnals use MorningCroissant

  • Value for money

  • Instant booking

  • Invoice and rental contract

Their staff members trust us

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General questions

Is there a fee for setting up a business account?

There is no fee for setting up a Business account. MorningCroissant applies the same fees to both personal and business accounts.

How many employees can I invite?

There is no limit to the number of employees you may invite.

Does it take long to invite a employees?

Not at all. The procedure is very fast. Just enter your employee’s last name, first name and email address. Your employee will automatically receive an email invitation with a link that will allow him or her to create a MorningCroissant account in his or her name, which will automatically be affiliated with your company.

Can my emloyees access the company’s credit/debit card information?

No, your emloyees cannot access your company’s credit/debit card information, just as MorningCroissant cannot access this information as it is stored by our secure payment platform.

Can I invite an employee without allowing him to use the company’s credit/debit card?

No, an employee that is affiliated with your company has to be able to use your company’s credit/debit card to pay for bookings. However, you have the option to set rates limits in order to maintain control of your budget.

Will I receive an invoice? Can I be reimbursed for VAT?

MorningCroissant has the status of a real state agent, which makes our business activity 100% legal and allows you to get an invoice in your name along with your company name. As for VAT, you can save up to 13% on your bookings by recovering the VAT on your rental (for exclusive accommodations) and on the service fees.

Can I access my employees’ previous invoices any time I want?

Yes, all invoices for bookings paid by the company can be easily accessed and downloaded at any time from your business account.

Can an employee access another employee’s booking information?

No, the administrator of the business account is the only one who can access all of the booking information relative to his affiliated emloyees.

Do my employees have access to all of the available accommodations on the site?

Yes, an employee can use the company credit/debit card to book any accommodation, whether they are offered by a private individual or a MorningCroissant partner. However, you have the option to set rates limits in order to maintain control of your budget.

What services are included with my MorningCroissant booking?

When you book through MorningCroissant, you receive a booking contract, an invoice (with VAT), and an insurance worth €1,500,000 that covers the main rental risks (see details in the dedicated page).Besides, MorningCroissant team guarantees personalized assistance during the week from 9am to 7pm and an emergency number that will be sent to you in the confirmation email.