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What is the All Causes Cancellation insurance policy ?

For each rental, you have the option to subscribe to the MorningCroissant All Causes Cancellation insurance policy by Mutuaide Assistance.

The MorningCroissant All Causes Cancellation insurance policy insurance covers tenants for accommodation rentals anywhere in the world against cancellations caused by the events below:

  • Death, serious illness or serious bodily accident of the Policyholder or a member of his family
  • Death of uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces
  • Pregnancy complications up to the 28th week
  • Serious damage in private or business premises
  • Theft in private or business premises
  • Convening as witness or for jury service
  • Convening for a child adoption procedure
  • Convening for an examination resit
  • Obtaining a salaried job or paid internship
  • Redundancy on economic grounds
  • Professional transfer
  • Withdrawal and modification of paid leave
  • Serious damage to the vehicle 48 hours before departure
  • Theft of identity documents 48 hours before departure
  • Contraindication to vaccination
  • Cancellation for separation of couple
  • Riot, attack, act of terrorism occurring overseas
  • Cancellation of professional meeting
  • Any random event constituting an immediate real and serious barrier  

For further informations

As a reminder, for each rental, MorningCroissant automatically offers the Household Insurance policy AXA.

What is the standard Insurance policy offered ?
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