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What types of accommodations can I find on MorningCroissant ?

You can find on MorningCroissant 2 types of accommodations : individuals' accommodations and partners' accommodations.

Individuals' accommodation : MorningCroissant allows hosts to list whatever type of arrangements they have to offer, so you can rent any “livable” space, from a simple sofa bed in a living room to a splendid villa on the Riviera, or even a houseboat in Lyon or an apartment in downtown Toulouse.
The booking on these accommodations is on request, which means that every booking needs to be accepted (within 24h) by the host.

Partners' accommodations : these are accommodations owned by real estate professionals, partners of MorningCroissant, available exclusively on MorningCroissant. They are fully furnished and standardized accommodation with a high quality/price ratio.
The booking on these accommodations is instantly, wich means that the acceptance is immediate after booking.
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