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Why should I use MorningCroissant and not deal directly with the owner or the tenant ?

You have a triple advantage when you use the MorningCroissant platform to list your accommodations or make a booking : 

  • First and foremost, all transactions are secure. Even though as a tenant you pay for the booking before you arrive, if there should be any non-conformity in the accommodations, you have the possibility of full reimbursement. (See the section What happens if the accommodations do not correspond to the description as published in the offer ?) As an owner, you are ensured of receiving your rent because the tenant has already paid in full for the booking through the MorningCroissant platform when you receive his booking request.

  • It allows the accommodation to be insured. In fact, for every booking, MorningCroissant offers the tenant an insurance policy. This covers every tenant for a stay of less than 3 months in Europe against any accidental damage that he may cause as well as any damage that may occur during his stay (fire, flood, freezing). This insurance also indirectly covers the host. For more information, please go to our Insurance and safety page.

  • Finally, you will be contributing to the development of the site and allowing MorningCroissant to enhance our services to tenants and to generate even more booking requests for our owners.
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