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What is MorningCroissant?

MorningCroissant is a website where people having a place to rent can get in touch with travellers interested in renting it. MorningCroissant gives potential travellers a great and cheap alternative to hotels, allowing them to safely book amazing places for their dream holidays, city breaks or business trips, while experiencing an exciting and social travel experience. All of this, spending half the money!

On the other hand, MorningCroissant gives hosts the chance to monetize their places by renting spare rooms, vacation homes or their own entire properties when they are away. Anyone can easily do that on MorningCroissant and generate a second source of income while hosting fun and interesting people from all over the world, in total safety.

Do I need to pay to use MorningCroissant?

NO. Posting ads and using the website is totally free.

We only collect a small fee for every booking our users make through the site.

In which countries is MorningCroissant operating?

At the moment we are operating in France and are already planning to launch MorningCroissant in more than 10 countries by the end of the year. You are able to post your ad anywhere in the world though.

What is MorningCroissant doing to check the quality of the ads on the site?

Our team of web moderators checks constantly the quality of the listings posted by our users. All of our efforts are focused to deliver a totally secure and scam-free service.

How can I contact the MorningCroissant Staff?

Have a look at our « Contact » page, you can find all the info you need to get in touch with us. You can reach us at +33 1 84 16 47 85 and at