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How it works
MorningCroissant connects guests looking for a place to stay and hosts willing to rent out their unused space, be it a spare room or an entire appartment / house

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How to - Guests


  • Select your destination, travel dates, and browse our selection of uniques places
  • Contact host directly if you have any question


  • Make a booking request. Your credit card will be pre-authorized with the booking value
  • Get quick confirmation : the host will respond within 24hours. Send them yout arrival details

Travel and Enjoy !

  • Feel safe - Once the host accepts your booking, we charge your credit card, but the booking value is held by MorningCroissant and transferred to the host only after you have checked-in and are happy
  • Share your experience by leaving a review
How to - Hosts

List for free

  • Register and list your property within minutes
  • Advertise your property for free

Accept bookings

  • Receive booking requests from guests via Morningcroissant messaging system
  • Reply and accept the booking request within 24 hours

Welcome guests and get paid

  • Make sure everything is ready for your guest to arrive
  • We transfer you the money 24 hours after check-in
  • Don't forget to leave a review about your guest
How much does the service cost ?


  • MorningCroissant charges the guest a 15% service fee that applies to the total of the booking with a €15 minimum (e.g. 2 nights at €50 each = €100 will incur a €15 service fee. The total cost to the guest is €115)

  • The service fee allows MorningCroissant to deliver superior customer service and offer you a growing choice of unique places to stay


  • MorningCroissant charges the host a 3% processing fee when a booking is successfully completed (e.g. 2 nights at €50 each = €100 will incur a €3 processing fee. The total cost to the host is €3 and he/she receives 100-3 = €97)

  • The processing fee covers the cost of processing the transaction via Paypal