All rentals: housing insurance for medium & long term rentals

Whether the rented property is your primary residence (long-term rental) or not (medium-term rental), you must take out a housing insurance.  

This insurance is mandatory and must be subscribed before entering the rented accommodation.

Each year, the owner is entitled to require proof of the validity of this insurance as well as at the time of signing the lease. If you cannot provide your insurance certificate, this may be a reason for terminating your lease.

You're free to chose and can take out this type of insurance with any insurer. Feel free to compare the different offers.

As with all insurance, read your contract carefully and be vigilant about the conditions (Packages, exclusions, reimbursement limits).

Get your household insurance online

Luko, the online insurer, offers a solution for tenants who rent for a few months or several years :
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Medium-term rentals : rental insurance policy by AXA

For each rental processed via our site, we offer an Axa rental insurance free of charge provided the accommodation does not constitute your primary residence.

The Axa housing insurance policy covers tenants for accommodation rentals up to 1 year in France against the events below :

This insurance does not cover either the tenants' belongings beyond 5,000€ nor their civil liability and therefore does not replace a complete multirisk housing insurance ("assurance multi-risques habitation").  

Need a housing insurance quickly ? Subscribe to your home insurance online.

This is an additional comfort for the tenant and the owner, a comfort that does not exempt the tenant from taking out traditional housing insurance.

Summary of cover

Guarantees Maximum Guarantee amounts
Tenancy liability following fire, explosion, water damage or frost arising in the premises Limited to 1 525 000 euros
Recourse by neighbours and third parties following fire, explosion, water damage or frost arising in the premises Limited to 500 000 euros
Other accidental damage incurred to movable property listed in the inventory and located in the leased accommodation and other fixtures belonging to the owner of the leased accommodation Limited to 5 000 euros with a deductible of 75€
Tenant's personal belongings Limited to 5 000 euros
Theft / loss of keys Limited to 500 euros with a deductible of 20€

General terms & conditions

To learn more, download the terms & conditions.

Insurance Claim

For an insurance claim, please contact Catherine LAGASSE from Cabinet Albinet :

Tel : +331 48 01 84 79
@mail :


There is no capitalistic link between MorningCroissant and the above mentioned companies, i.e. Albinet, Axa and Luko.