Short-term rentals in the viewfinder of justice

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Short-term rentals: regulations are tightening and sanctions are falling !

Since 2016, major cities and the authorities have been working towards a drastic reduction in Airbnb-type tourist rentals. And this is only just beginning and is now affecting more and more cities !

  • 2011

    MorningCroissant launch

  • 2016

    1st fines in Paris for tourist rentals of more than 120 days.

  • 2018

    2.1m€ in fines for illegal holiday rentals.

  • 2019

    1,000+ properties, ex short-term rentals, have already switched to MorningCroissant on an average and long-term basis.

MorningCroissant: the legal, online and profitable alternative

  • Legal alternative

    MorningCroissant is a furnished and unfurnished rental platform for periods of 1 month to 3 years.

    No vacation rental, no furnished tourist rental: you are at peace.

    On MorningCroissant, you can rent your property more than 120 days a year.

    No need for registration, change of use or financial compensation with the town hall.

  • Guaranteed rents

    We manage tenant files and check their creditworthiness.

    We manage the call-up and collection of rents.

    We pay you the rents on a fixed date each month, even in the event of late payment or unpaid rents from the tenant!

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  • Profitable alternative

    Optimized rental income and rental vacancy.

    Lower costs and operational management than in the case of short-term rentals.

    Time savings and reduced costs: virtual visits, and we take care of the management and verification of tenant files.

    Low monthly management fees at 4.5% including VAT only in the case of rental and including the Unpaid Rent Guarantee: 2x to 3x less expensive than a traditional agency.

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  • 100% online and flexible

    No time wasted, no paperwork: everything is done online from the creation of an ad to the approval of a rental. You keep control at every step.

    From your owner's account, exchange with the tenants, find all the information and manage your documents online (lease, annexes, receipts).

    No exclusivity: you are free to publish your ad on any other site or to entrust the management in parallel to a classic agency.


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Short-term rentals: regulations, risks and controls

You can refer to the website on regulations applicable to furnished or unfurnished rentals in general and to vacation rentals.

Seasonal or tourist furnished rental as defined by the Direction Générale des Entreprises differs from a residential lease according to 2 criterias:
- the tenant does not elect domicile there, he resides there mainly for holidays;
- the seasonal rental must be concluded for a maximum period of 90 days with the same person.

The current regulations impose 2 constraints that severely limit short-term furnished rental:
- limit of 120 days per year if the accommodation is the owner's main residence
- change of use and especially inaccessible financial compensation imposed by many cities if the property is not the primary residence of the landlord-owner.

In addition, there is the obligation to register your property for short-term rental with the town hall, which facilitates the increasingly frequent inspections by the municipal services.

Failure to comply with these obligations is punishable by heavy fines (e.g. €50,000 for registration) and, like the Paris City Hall, cities are bound to take legal action to prosecute short-term rentals that do not comply with the regulations in force (record fines in 2018).

The trend is clear: town halls and the government want to strictly regulate short-term furnished rental in large cities or even eradicate it in some way in city centres. The legislative clamp is tightening on short-term rental landlords, particularly via Airbnb-type platforms. Controls and fines will increase.

The objective is to guide landlords towards medium and long-term rentals (civil law lease, corporate lease, mobility lease, student lease, one-year furnished lease, 3-year unfurnished lease) and thus to put as many units as possible on the rental market for housing purposes as opposed to seasonal furnished tourist rental.

It is precisely this alternative to short term rental platforms such as Airbnb that we offer for owner-landlords: the possibility to rent their properties for a few months, a year or more in a legal, secure and profitable way.

Hundreds of owners have already taken the plunge and made the transition from short term to medium and long term with us. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you in this process.