Rental types : medium-term rental vs long-term rental

As a registered tenant on MorningCroissant, you can rent a property for a few months (medium term) or a year or more (long term).

A medium term rental is mainly characterized by:
  • a lease, under civil law, time-bound; 
  • the fact that the property does not constitute the tenant's main residence

Conversely, a classic long-term rental (furnished lease under the ALUR law) is characterized by:

The statuses eligible for rental as well as the list of documents to be provided for the tenant application differ slightly between the 2 types of rental:

For medium-term rentals, we offer household insurance to the tenant.
For long-term rentals, regulations do not allow us to do so and the tenant must therefore take out household insurance on his/her part. We have negotiated discounts for our customers with partners. NB: we are not being compensated by these partners.

The tenant commission differs between the 2 types of rental because the ALUR law defines capped fees according to the surface area and cities: 12€/m2 in very tense areas; 10€/m2 in tense areas; 8€/m2 in other cities.


Medium term rental Long term rental
Duration: a few months Durée: one year or more
Time-bounded lease (civil law) Lease (ALUR law) with tacit renewal
The property does not constitute the tenant's main residence The property does constitute the tenant's main residence
Documents for medium-term rentals Documents for long-term rentals
Tenant fees capped at 789€
Tenant fees capped at 8€, 10€ or 12€/m2 depending on cities
Household insurance offered
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Household insurance to be taken out
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