Rental types : medium-term rental vs long-term rental

As a registered tenant on MorningCroissant, you can rent a property for a few months (medium term) or a year or more (long term).

A medium term rental is mainly characterized by:
  • a time-bound lease (civil law or mobility lease); 
  • the fact that the property does not necessarily constitute the tenant's main residence

Conversely, a classic long-term rental (furnished lease under the ALUR law) is characterized by:
  • a one-year (furnished) or a 3-year (unfurnished) tacitly renewable lease; 
  • the fact that the property constitutes the tenant's main residence.

The statuses eligible for rental as well as the list of documents to be provided for the tenant application differ slightly between the 2 types of rental:

Home insurance is mandatory regardless of the rental period.
Lovys, the online insurer, offers a solution for tenants who rent for a few months or several years.
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