How to list a property online

From every page of the site, you have the possibility to click on the "List your space" button at the top right.
You will be able to fill in all the information necessary to create your ad and your account (if you never used MorningCroissant).

What information do you need to create your ad?

1- Information on accommodation

If you need help to define your rent, choose your pictures or decide to include charges or not, we are available by phone at +33 1 76 41 00 38 or thanks to the contact section.

2- Information about the owner (only when creating the account)

For individuals:
  • First name, surname, home address, date of birth
  • Telephone number, email
  • Identity document (ID card, passport, driver's license)

For professionals:
  • Name of the company, address of the office, Siret number, name of the manager
  • Telephone number, email
  • Kbis extract or business card
When you have finalized your ad, you will receive an email to inform you that your ad has been validated and that it is now online ready to receive its first requests!
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