Acceptance of a rental request: process and confirmation

When your rental request is accepted by the owner, you will receive an email entitled "Booking n°xxxx confirmed: important information".

If the owner refuses your rental request, you will receive an email entitled: "Reservation not possible".

The confirmation email contains :
  • important information you will need, including the owner's phone number and e-mail address;
  • a sample rental contract for you to review while you wait for the owner to sign the contract.

You will then receive other emails:
  • an email indicating the procedure to follow and the authentication code to sign the rental contract electronically via our partner Docusign (once the contract is completed and signed by the owner);
  • an email containing the invoice.

The signature of the rental contract is a mandatory step.
Without a signed lease, you will not be able to move in as planned.
To make your life easier, signing the lease is done directly online and takes only a few minutes in total. Learn more about the process
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