How to update my accommodation calendar

It is crucial to keep your calendar updated. This allows you to always provide a positive reply to the inquiries you receive because you are sure that your accommodations are indeed available.
To update your calendar, go to My preferences > My places. Click on the listing for which the calendar needs to be updated. Then click on the “Calendar” tab. Here you can enter the unavailability periods.
For more information, please read the section What is the difference between an accommodation available "all the time" and "occasionally" ?

In order to add a period, click on the "+" button. A little pop-up window will open, in which you can select the dates.
Finally, if you have also listed your place on another website, you can synchronize your MorningCroissant calendar with the one on the other website. To find out how to do this, please read the section How do I synchronize my MorningCroissant calendar with the one on another website ?.

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