Amount of rent paid out

Medium-term rental
In the case of a medium-term rental (a few months) for which the property is not the tenant's main residence, we will pay you the amount of the rent you have set less the 4.5% service charge. For example, you charge a rent of 1000€, the MorningCroissant commission will be 45€ including VAT and we will pay you 955€.

Long-term rental
In the case of a long-term rental (one year or more) for which the property is the tenant's main residence, regulations require us to charge the same amount as the tenant, i.e. €8, €10 or €12 per m2 depending on the city, in addition to the monthly service fee of 4.5% including VAT.
These additional rental costs will be deducted from the first rent.

More details about MorningCroissant service fees.

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