Prior authorization for rental - "Permit to rent"

The ALUR law authorizes the EPCIs (Public Establishment for Intermunicipal Cooperation) or, failing that, the mayor to set up a declaration or authorisation system prior to letting in certain areas of their territory.

On this subject, you can consult the site of Anil and the site of the administration specifying all conditions and procedures.

To date, there is no official consolidated list of all the municipalities concerned by the implementation of this "permit to rent". Moreover, the list of concerned cities is constantly changing.
Therefore, if in doubt, it is essential to refer to your city hall.
Here is our non-exhaustive list of the areas concerned by the "permit to rent" to date.
  • Marseille (13)
  • Lille (59) + 21 communes de la métropole Lilloise
  • Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais, Le Portel, Outreau, Saint-Martin-Boulogne (62)
  • Mantes-La-Jolie (78)
  • Montauban (82)
  • Evry-Courcouronne, Grigny, Ris-Orangis (91)
  • Asnières, Clichy, Gennevilliers, Puteaux (92)
  • Aubervilliers, Bagnolet, La Courneuve, Pierrefitte sur Seine, Saint-Denis, Stains (93)
  • Argenteuil, Bezons, Cergy, Pontoise, Saint-Ouen l'Aumône (95)

This regime applies to rentals for main residence use subject to the law of 6.7.89, empty (Title I of the law) or to furnished leases (Title I bis of the law).
The Elan law now specifies that it does not apply to housing rented by a social housing organisation, nor to housing covered by a PLA agreement with the State (CCH : L. 351-2).

Only the rental or re-rental of an accommodation is covered. The renewal or amendment of the rental contract is not subject to the obligation to declare.

To know if this measure applies to your property, you must contact your local authority before renting it in order to find out if it is located in one of the sectors concerned.
If this is the case, you will need to complete the APML form (Cerfa n°15652) and send it in early enough before the rental period in order to obtain authorization before signing the rental contract.
You must attach to your application a "technical diagnostic file" (electricity, gas, energy performance, lead and asbestos exposure) that you have had established by a diagnostician and submit or send it to the town hall where the dwelling is located or by electronic means if this is planned.
The prior authorisation lapses if it is not followed by a rental within 2 years of its issue. In the event of the sale of the rented accommodation, the valid APML must be transferred to the new owner of the accommodation.

Owners who evade this measure are liable to a fine of €5,000 and those who rent despite a refusal of authorisation are liable to a fine of up to €15,000.
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