How to make an accommodation listing more attractive

Some tips to make your ad more attractive:

1- A maximum of information

Before contacting you, the tenant browses through your ad in search of his strong points so don't hide them!
Provide as much information as possible on housing in addition to the mandatory ones: facilities, exhibition, neighbourhood, public transport, the district, shops...
On the other hand, don't hide the small defects of your accommodation! There is nothing more unpleasant than arriving in a property that does not fully correspond to what is expected, while tenants can choose to live with it if they know what to expect.

2- An adapted quality/price ratio

This will be the first criteria of the tenant! Put yourself in its place and objectively estimate your accommodation. To do this, you can compare it with the existing offers on the site or ask our owner's department for advice, which will put all our experience of furnished rental at your service.

3- Quality pictures and video

Post quality photos and post them in bulk.
Every tenant likes to see the apartment he is going to rent and to know each room. Remember to tidy up your home to give it a clean and orderly atmosphere.
You can also add a video of your home: How do I make a video of my accommodation?

4- Introduce yourself

Feel free to update your profile to introduce yourself to the tenants. You like to know who's coming to your house? Tenants also like to know where they are going!
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