The fees due for our service as a platform are paid at the time of rental and vary between 149€ and 998€.

These fees apply to all types of rentals:

  • civil lease from date to date (the accommodation is not the main residence of the tenant);
  • mobility lease from 1 to 10 months;
  • student lease of 9 months;
  • or tacitly renewable lease (1 year furnished, 3 years unfurnished).

The service fees detailed below contribute to the functioning of our platform.

Rental fees

  • Offered for rentals of less than one year (civil lease, mobility lease or 9-month student lease).
  • Fees of 8€, 10€ and 12€ TTC per m2 depending on the city for 1-year or 3-year tacitly renewable rentals.

Monthly fees

4.5% (inclusive of tax) of rents (including charges) collected.