Home insurance and non-occupant homeowner 100% online, simple, transparent and fast:You can customize your covers as you wish, and leave them when you want: no commitment or notice period.

The other side-benefits with Luko:

>> Subscribe in 2 min: from €3.30/month, no commitment

>> 1 month free: sign up in 2 min, starting at €4.90/month

Inventory of fixtures by CheckVisit
You can delegate the inventory of fixtures to Check&Visit which simplifies and automates these tasks to save you time.
Check&Visit manages the inventory of fixtures both for private owners and real estate professionals.

>> Get Check&Visit to manage your inventory of fixtures

Accounting firm specialized in furnished and unfurnished rentals.

Based on its expertise of more than 25 years, ComptaCom assists landlords and real estate investors in their tax and accounting treatment: Professional Furnished Renters (LMP), Non-professional Furnished Renters (LMNP), SCI with IS or IR, Pinel investors.

ComptaCom advises the owners in the choice of the status, registers the activity with the tax services if necessary, holds their accounts and establishes their tax returns as well as their balance sheet.

ComptaCom offers you 50€ discount on their fees (excl VAT) for the 1st year.

To know more and benefit from their advice:

>> book a free slot with a ComptaCom expert

>> contact ComptaCom

The 100% free web-application, built to process your moving contracts at lightning speed.

Whether it's for a move  or for your supplier changes, Papernest accompanies you in your steps 100% digitally and in a few clicks.

With Papernest, you can:
Subscribe, switch, transfer, terminate all your contracts and subscriptions, simply: electricity, internet box, insurance, mobile package, Netflix, Spotify, gym, transport card, press...

>> Be called back by a Papernest consultant

>> Transfer or open an electricity/gas meter

>> Transfer or subscribe to a Box