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Accounting firm specialized in furnished and unfurnished rentals.

Based on its expertise of more than 25 years, ComptaCom assists landlords and real estate investors in their tax and accounting treatment: Professional Furnished Renters (LMP), Non-professional Furnished Renters (LMNP), SCI with IS or IR, Pinel investors.

ComptaCom advises the owners in the choice of the status, registers the activity with the tax services if necessary, holds their accounts and establishes their tax returns as well as their balance sheet.

ComptaCom offers you 50€ discount on their fees (excl VAT) for the 1st year.

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Diagnostics immobiliers - Dimo et MorningCroissant
Dimo intervenes on the whole of the obligatory real estate diagnoses when renting a property: lead, asbestos, electricity, gas, DPE, termites, state of the risks and pollution, Carrez and Boutin measurements.
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