Rent a place regardless of your status

Renting (finally) accessible to the greatest number

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With or without a permanent contract, with or without a guarantor!

  • Permanent & fixed-term contract

    Even during a trial period

  • Students

    Studies, internships, work-study programs

  • Intermittent workers

    Current or future contract

  • Freelancers

    Freelance, liberal

  • Temporary workers

    Short or long term assignments

  • Managers

    Salaried manager, director

  • Companies

    Company lease for any duration

  • Retired people

    And yes, of course the retired :)

Renting thought for the greater number

Extended solvency criteria, all durations, all types of leases.
No more "3X rent rule"!

  • Income - rent = living wage

    Facing the classic "net income greater than 3x the rent amount", which is no longer adapted in 70% of the cases, we found a better way: the living wage.

  • Fight against fraud

    Through a rigorous document verification process, we weed out the few cheaters who typically penalize all other tenants and artificially raise credit requirements.

  • All terms and types of leases

    Rental for a few months, 1 year or 3 years.
    Furnished or empty rental, date to date lease, student lease, mobility lease, 1 year or 3 years lease tacitly renewable, company lease.

  • Accepted guarantors

    Do you need a guarantor? No worries: we accept French and foreign individual guarantors (for students) and the GarantMe certificate.

  • Transparent process

    No discrimination: we send the files to the hirer in order of arrival. First file complete, first file transmitted!
    The final choice is made by the owner, the process is 100% transparent.


How it works

  • Find a property that suits your criteria

    Choose a place according to your criteria and apply in just 2 minutes. No time wasted and 100% online

  • Send your application online

    Complete your rental request & submit your application directly online.

  • Receive an answer within 24 hours

    We check and validate your application within 24 hours. Once your file has been validated, the owner only has to accept your request.

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And it works!

  • 9000+

    Rentals already processed

  • 60%

    Rentals with non-standard applications

  • 6H

    To validate an application on average

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