How it works

Our goal : simplify, digitize, and secure the rental experience for tenants and owners


Find your accommodation

  • Choose from more than 10,000 properties according to your criteria and dates
  • No need to visit thanks to HD photos, virtual tours & videos of the properties
  • Contact the owner directly for any questions

Rent 100% online

  • 100% online process: rental request, rental payment, documents (contracts, receipts)
  • Tenant file dematerialized and validated in 24 hours
  • Automatic and secure payment of rents online by credit card or bank transfer

Rent whatever your status

  • The eligibility and solvency criteria are extended
  • Rentals open to permanent employees (trial period or not), fixed-term contracts, students, trainees, entrepreneurs, self-employed, intermittent, temporary workers, etc.
  • No discrimination: files are processed on a first-come, first-served basis

Be relaxed

  • Rents are collected by MorningCroissant into an escrow account to avoid any risk of fraud
  • Notice guarantees you flexibility
  • Negotiated rate for household insurance

List your space for free

  • Publish your ad in 5 minutes
  • Set your conditions (rent, duration, deposit etc...)
  • Enjoy traffic from MorningCroissant and our partner sites for free

Save time

  • Receive qualified rental requests based on your rental project (duration, number of tenants, rent...)
  • Chat with your candidates directly via MorningCroissant
  • No visits: the description, photos, video of your property are enough

Be relaxed

  • The tenant's creditworthiness is checked and rents are guaranteed!
  • We pay you the rents directly into your bank account on a fixed date each month
  • And this even in the event of late payment or default by your tenant

Save on agency fees

  • Free publication and distribution of your ad
  • Monthly management fees of 4.5% including VAT only in case of rental!
  • No hidden costs - it's all here