Why use MorningCroissant

There are several benefits to going through MorningCroissant to rent a property or rent out your property.

One of the main points: we secure and facilitate the rental process between the owner and the tenant.

We collect the rents on an escrow account and pay them directly to the owners, which makes us the trusted third party between the tenant and the owner.

As a tenant, you pay all or part of the rental before your arrival on our escrow account. If there is ever a problem with the conformity of the rented property, you have the possibility of being reimbursed in full up to 24 hours after entering the premises. Learn more.

As an owner, when a rental request is sent to you, you are guaranteed to receive your rent even in the event of late payment or unpaid rent from the tenant thanks to our Unpaid Rent Guarantee (GLI) offered for each rental.

  • Access to 10,000+ furnished & unfurnished accommodation from 300€/month in 500+ cities
  • Time saving: no need to visit the properties thanks to virtual tours, HD photos, videos and plans of the properties
  • 100% online process: rental request, rental payment, documents (contracts, receipts)
  • All types of terms: from one month to one year and more
  • Tenant file processed online - no paper - and validated within 24 hours
  • Automatic and secure payment of rents online by credit card or bank transfer
  • Rents collected by MorningCroissant on an escrow account to avoid any risk of fraud
  • Rental open to the largest number of people thanks to extensive eligibility and solvency criteria! Learn more
  • Transparent process: no discrimination, files are processed and sent to owners in order of arrival
  • Negotiated rates for household insurance - Learn more

  • Free marketing of your ad
  • Rent estimate and shooting offered (depending on the characteristics of your accommodation)
  • No exclusivity
  • Tenant files verified by MorningCroissant and our insurance partner
  • Collection and payment of rents managed by MorningCroissant on/from an escrow account
  • Guaranteed rents
  • Simplified rental management
  • Minimal management fees of 4.5% including VAT only charged in the case of rental - Learn more

And finally, it's obvious, but it gets better when you say it: we do things right, in accordance with the regulations. Yes, we do:)
We are therefore holders of a professional card (CPI no. 7501 2018 000 025 383) allowing us for example:
  • to collect the rents in an escrow account at Société Générale, separate from MorningCroissant's current account, which guarantees the proper management of these funds collected on behalf of third parties;
  • to subscribe to a Financial Guarantee Fund, the ultimate guarantee for tenants and landlords;
  • to guarantee rents while broadening eligibility and solvency criteria through innovative insurance products.

Reporting suspicious messages

Never pay for your rental outside of MorningCroissant. If an owner asks you to pay for a rental outside of our online payment system or if you suspect that someone is sending you links to another website, contact us to report this message.

You can also report a conversation to us:
  1. Go to the conversation containing the suspicious message
  2. In the conversation, click on the orange flag icon
  3. Select the reason you are reporting this conversation and click Submit

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