How to prepare the entrance of my tenants properly

A tenant rented your apartment via MorningCroissant.
You thus benefit from:
  • the guarantee of rents even in the event of non-payment;
  • the collection/payment of rents by MorningCroissant;
  • a rental contract and a pre-filled inventory of fixtures.

What to do after this rental?

Contact the tenant to:
- inform him that her/his rental has been taken into account;
- indicate the different payment possibilities for the security deposit (credit card, cheques, bank transfer, cash...) and that, without a deposit, the access to the accommodation may be refused;
- remind them, if appropriate, that they should put the electricity/gas meter in their name (ideally, give them the meter number) if necessary.

Before the arrival of the tenant:
- do the complete cleaning of the accommodation;
- communicate to the tenant the access to the accommodation, the Wifi code and the contact person in charge of the inventory of fixtures;
- print the inventory of fixtures to be carried out at the time of the inventory of fixtures and the rental contract provided by MorningCroissant for signature;
- prepare a set of keys per tenant.

During the rental period:
- handling any problems encountered in housing;
- redirect the tenant to MorningCroissant for any questions regarding rent collection.

At the end of the rental period:
- contact the tenant to schedule the inventory of fixtures of exit;
- refund the deposit (no later than 2 months after departure).

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