How to synchronize my MorningCroissant calendar with another calendar on a different website

You can synchronize your MorningCroissant calendar with an external calendar as long as the latter uses the iCalendar format. In this manner, if your accommodations are booked on the other site, the dates would automatically be noted as booked on your MorningCroissant calendar.
To synchronize the calendars, import the link for the external calendar and paste it directly into My account > Listings > Calendar > Calendars synchronisation > Link to import your calendar. To allow for the synchronization, the imported link must be in the ics format (you should see “ics” in the link address.)
If you want to export your MorningCroissant calendar, just copy and paste the link to your calendar that you will find under My account > Listings > Calendar > Calendars synchronisation > Link to your MorningCroissant calendar.

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