E-signature of the rental contract

The lease (rental contract) signature is electronic and is done directly online.
No unnecessary paperwork.
It's fast, secure and 100% legal.

Once your rental request is accepted by the owner, here is the process.

1. You receive a rental contract template
As soon as you receive the confirmation email and while waiting for the lease to be signed by the owner, you will already have access to the rental agreement template. This will allow you to browse through it and will save you time when e-signing.

2. The owner e-signs the rental contract
The owner completes and signs the lease template first.
As soon as the owner signs the lease, you will receive an email from Docusign, our e-signature partner, telling you to sign in turn.

3. You e-sign the rental contract
It's easy to sign your lease electronically. The process takes a few minutes in total.

(i) After the signature of the contract by the owner, you will receive an email sent by our partner Docusign.

(ii) Access this email and click on the "REVIEW DOCUMENT" button.

(iii) Fill in the authentication code received by email when prompted.

Don't hesitate to contact the owner again via the MorningCroissant messaging system if he/she is slow to sign the contract.

(i) The signature of the lease is a compulsory step in order to get the keys and to enter the premises.
(ii) The lease is signed between you and the owner: MorningCroissant is not party to the lease.

The e-signature is legal and secure

Our partner Docusign is one of the world leaders in electronic signatures.
Documents are encrypted. A complete traceability system and advanced authentication, in accordance with French and European eIdas regulations, ensure the legal value of signed documents.
DocuSign is a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) and is listed in the European Trust List.
Learn more about electronic signature by Docusign

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