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Mandatory real estate diagnoses for rentals


When signing the lease and renewing it, the landlord must provide the tenant with a technical diagnosis file. On these regulatory matters, we always recommend that you consult the administration's website which is updated regularly.

This technical diagnostic file (DDT) can now be communicated to the tenant by electronic means (unless one of the parties objects).
To this end, we also provide you with a tool that allows you to download and consult these documents from your user account.
This file includes the following documents:
  • the energy performance diagnosis ;
  • the risk of lead exposure if the accommodation was built before January 1949;
  • where applicable, a state of natural and technological risks if the accommodation is located in a risk area (floods, earthquakes, avalanches, etc.)...);
  • a copy of the statement mentioning the absence or, where applicable, the presence of building materials or products containing asbestos;
  • a statement of the indoor electricity installation if the installation is more than 15 years old;
  • a statement of the indoor gas installation if the installation is more than 15 years old or if the last certificate of conformity is more than 15 years old.

See all the documents to be attached to the lease

How to find a certified diagnostician


  • Diagnosis valid 10 years and performed by a professional.
  • It provides information on the amount of energy consumed by a building (heating, domestic hot water, cooling) and evaluates its energy performance, as well as the impact of its energy consumption on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • NB: an intentional concealment or misleading information on the DEP could engage the responsibility of the landlord and allow the tenant to request the nullity of the rental contract or the reduction of the rent.


  • Certificate issued by a professional and valid for six years if anomalies have been found. If no trace of lead is detected, the finding is definitive.
  • The lead exposure risk finding presents a tracking of lead-containing coatings. It consists in measuring the lead concentration in all the coatings in the accommodation, in order to identify those containing lead, whether degraded or not, to describe their state of conservation and to identify, if necessary, the deterioration factors.
  • The landlord is liable under criminal law in the event of non-compliance with this finding.

  • In some areas, a statement of natural and technological risks must be attached to the lease.
  • To know if you are in a concerned area, you can contact the town hall of the place where the property is located, the prefecture or the department's Internet site.

  • These conditions are established by professionals and are valid for six years.
  • The condition of the indoor gas installation is achieved without dismantling parts of the installations. It complies with a model established by Ministerial decree
  • The state of the indoor electricity installation is carried out after the general circuit breaker specific to each dwelling and up to the electrical outlets. It is established according to the methodological requirements and the model defined by Ministerial decree
  • The diagnoses (gas and electricity) established at the time of sale may be annexed to the rental contract, provided that they have been established less than six years ago. 
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