Types of furnished or unfurnished rentals


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According to the use of the accommodation, we can distinguish 2 main categories of renting: residential and tourism.

1 - Furnished or unfurnished rental for residential use (our specialty)
This includes following lease types :
  • classic lease tacitly renewable (1 year in furnished, 3 years in unfurnished);
  • student lease (9 months);
  • mobility lease (1 - 10 months);
  • civil law lease (e.g. company leases).

2 - Seasonal or tourist furnished rentals

The seasonal or tourist furnished rental as defined by the Direction Générale des Entreprises is distinguished from the rental for residential use according to 2 criteria:
  • the tenant does not take up residence in the property, he/she resides there mainly for the vacations;
  • the seasonal rental must be concluded for a maximum duration of 90 days to the same person.
NB : The seasonal rental requires administrative declarations:


We can distinguish 2 sub-categories :
  • furnished rentals for the non primary residence of the tenant (civil law lease);
  • furnished or unfurnished rentals in other cases (tacitly renewable leases, student lease, mobility lease).

On MorningCroissant, you have the choice between all these lease types according to the duration and the status of the tenant. This helps you maximizes your chances to find a tenant and to rent your accommodation as soon as possible.

1) Accommodation not constituting the tenant's primary residence
These are rentals related to the exercise of a function, the occupation of a job, a pied à terre,...
The rents carried out come under the civil code:
  • civil law lease limited in time ("from date to date") without tacit renewal;
  • free rents: it is the dynamics of supply / demand ("market rent") that comes into play;
  • free agency fees: market standards apply.

2) Other cases
These are furnished rentals called "classic" subject to the law of 06/07/1989 and specified by the ALUR laws of 2014 and ELAN of 2018:
unfurnished lease 3 years with tacit renewal, furnished lease 1 year with tacit renewal, student lease of 9 months, mobility lease of 1 to 10 months;
- regulated rents;
- regulated agency fees for the tenant.

The main differences concern the duration of the lease, the security deposit, the notice period (or notice to vacate) and the tax system.
You can consult the comparative table between furnished and unfurnished rentals on this administration page.
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