Payment of rent and billing

On MorningCroissant, the payment of the rent and the rents is done online in a secure way.

The payment by credit card is the means most used by our users. Practical, simple and fast. Payment is made via the secure payment interface Paybox, one of the leaders in online payment.

The initial payment is a payment authorization. The amount is not deducted from your card immediately.

You are only charged when the owner accepts your rental request. Depending on the bank's time frame, your account may be debited a few days after the payment.
If the owner declines your rental request, then the payment authorization is cancelled and you are not charged.

Note: If you are using a prepaid card, be sure to read the terms and conditions as some cards hold the payment authorization for 16 days before releasing it if your rental request is declined.

In the case of a monthly payment plan, the following rental payments are then automatically deducted from your card each month.

Payment by bank transfer is also possible. It is not very popular among our users because it takes longer to set up and is less convenient.
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