Rent guarantee by MorningCroissant

MorningCroissant is the only platform to guarantee against loss of rent for an accommodation in France, even if the tenant fails to pay his rent ! And this at no extra cost !

Regardless of the duration or method of payment of a rental, MorningCroissant is able to guarantee your rental payment throughout the duration of the contract:
  • either the tenant paid the full amount of rent when he booked and MorningCroissant therefore already has the total amount in hand,
  • or the tenant chose to pay the rent monthly. In this case, MorningCroissant checks the tenant's creditworthiness and automatically offers you a guarantee against unpaid rent (more details).
This means that you can rent your accommodation worry-free, knowing that the creditworthiness of your tenants has been checked and that the rents are guaranteed.

To qualify, there is only one condition: that the owner and the tenant accept the lease contract generated by MorningCroissant.

In order to offer you this unique guarantee, MorningCroissant has teamed up with La SADA, an insurance company that guarantees unpaid rents, which, in addition to covering rent, also takes care of all necessary legal procedures (collection , eviction, etc.) should you encounter difficulties with your tenant.

To review the full general terms and conditions of the insurance, click here.
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