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How to be well covered in terms of insurance

As an owner, you must protect yourself against certain risks. Here is an overview of the main insurances.

Household insurance policy from the tenant
You have the right to require the certificate of household insurance from your tenant before she/he enters the premises. This insurance is mandatory for the tenant and covers her/him against the consequences of the events listed below:
  • Rental liability (risk of fire, water damage, frost)
  • Recourse of neighbours and third parties in case of fire, water damage, frost
  • Damage to property belonging to the owner
Good news: for any rental (except in case of the tenant's main residence), we offer a household insurance policy (by AXA) to the tenant, which simplifies your life and guarantees that the tenant is insured.

Non-occupant Property Insurance ("PNO")
The ALUR law of 24 March 2014 made it mandatory for owners who occupy or not a condominium property ("logement en copropriété") to subscribe to civil liability insurance, which is in line with PNO insurance.
"Each co-owner is required to insure himself against the risks of civil liability for which she/he is liable in her/his capacity as either co-owner occupier or non-occupant co-owner."

PNO insurance is a specific and adapted contract that allows any non-occupant owner to:
  • Respond to the legal obligation of civil liability insurance for owners of co-owned property
  • Cover the owner in the event of a lack of tenant's home insurance or condominium insurance.
Other than condominiums ("co-propriété") and rentals under the ALUR law (tenant's main residence), it is strongly recommended that non-resident owners take out a PNO insurance.

The price of PNO insurance varies according to the specificities of the property and ranges between 60€ and 180€ per year.

NB : PNO insurance does not exempt the tenant from subscribing to a household insurance. It is complementary to the tenant's household insurance and the building's syndicate of co-ownership (if the property is, for example, an apartment or a residence).

Guarantee against Unpaid Rents
As a landlord, this guarantee gives you real peace of mind. It protects you against the risk of unpaid rents and includes legal protection to help you in the event of a problem with your tenant.
Good news : we offer you this guarantee for any rental made on MorningCroissant !  
Learn more about this guarantee.
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