Manage the security deposit with my tenant

In each listing, a security deposit is indicated by the lessor as well as the modalities to deposit it (credit card, check, cash, transfer, cashed or not). Please note security deposits are not allowed with a Mobility Lease (Bail Mobilité).

The inventory of fixtures is carried out the day of the arrival of the tenant. We will send you a pre-filled inventory of fixtures once the rental has been confirmed.

The security deposit must be requested from the tenant at the time of the inventory of fixtures or before his arrival and to simplify this step, we advise you to contact the tenant in advance in order to agree on the terms of payment.

If the security deposit is not provided by the tenant on his arrival, you can refuse to give the keys to the tenant.
If no damage is found in the accommodation during the inventory of fixtures on departure, you have 2 months to reimburse the security deposit.
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