Which method of payment of recoverable expenses should I choose?

When creating his listing, the owner must choose a method of payment of recoverable expenses.

There are four possibilities:

Provisions on charges with annual adjustment

The rental charges are necessarily recoverable for their actual amount. As this amount is not known from day to day, the tenant pays a provision for charges every month.

The provision is fixed at the beginning according to the previous results established at the time of the previous regularization of the charges. Thanks to these elements, the owner calculates the part of the charges that can be recovered from the tenant for the property he is renting. He thus establishes a provisional amount of recoverable charges for the coming year, which he divides by 12 to obtain the amount of charges to be asked from the tenant each month at the same time as the rent.

Recovery of charges in the form of a package deal

The package deal of charges is a fixed sum requested each month from the tenant which will not be adjusted according to the charges that you will actually have to pay.

Attention, when fixing the fixed price, the amount must not be obviously disproportionate with regard to the charges which the previous tenant would have paid.

  • Without annual revision

The package deal is not revised annually, its amount is fixed only at the time of the signature of the lease.

  •  With annual revision

The package deal can be revised annually, its amount can therefore be modified.

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