Differences between medium and long term rentals in France

As a registered owner on MorningCroissant, you can rent out your property for medium terms (a few months), long terms (one year and more) or both.

A medium term rental is mainly characterized by:
  • a lease limited in time, from date to date (e.g. mobility lease or lease under civil law); 
  • the fact that the property does not necessarily constitute the tenant's primary residence.
NB: a decision of the Court of Cassation of 18/02/21 specifies that renting out a furnished premises for residential use twice in less than a year constitutes a change of use, except in the case of a mobility lease  ("bail mobilité") or the renting of the main residence of the lessor for a maximum period of four months. Learn more

Conversely, a classic long-term rental (furnished or unfurnished lease under the ALUR law - "loi ALUR") is characterized by: 
  • a tacitly renewable lease (1-year for furnished rentals or 3-year for unfurnished rentals); 
  •  the fact that the property constitutes the tenant's primary residence.

Medium-term rental Long-term rental
Duration : a few months Duration : one year and more
Lease (mobility or civil lease) from date to date Lease (ALUR law) tacitly renewable
The property does not necessarily constitute the tenant's main residence The property constitutes the tenant's main residence
Owner fees
4,5% of rents collected
Owner fees
8€, 10€ or 12€/m2 rental fee depending on cities + 4,5% of rents collected
Unpaid Rent Guarantee offered
Coverage up to 24,000€
Learn more
Unpaid Rent Guarantee offered
Coverage up to 70,000€
Learn more
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