Decent housing

It goes without saying but it is better by saying it: the owner must provide the tenant with decent housing. 
The definition of decent housing is specified in several decrees: 
A decent property meets 5 criteria:
  • a minimum surface area,
  • the absence of risk to the safety and health of the tenant, 
  • the absence of pests and parasites, 
  • a minimum energy performance, 
  • the provision of certain equipment.
It should be noted that the concept of decent property is expanding with the new regulations with, in particular, a focus of the ELAN law on bedbugs.

If the property is not decent, the tenant has recourse.
Renting an indecent property is a matter of criminal law with various sanctions against the owner:
  • Compel the owner to do the necessary work;
  • impose the reduction of rent to be granted to the tenant;
  • impose damages to be paid to the tenant.
As an owner, it is therefore important to be well informed on this subject.

You can refer to the website which is very clear and complete:

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