MorningCroissant service fees

Registration for our service is free of charge. We charge a service fee only for confirmed rentals: see details and amounts.

These service fees cover the running of our platform. 
It is thanks to these fees that we can improve our service, continue to open up rentals to as many people as possible, offer you ever more new accommodation and put you in touch with renters in an ever simpler and more secure way.

Here's a reminder of the advantages of renting with MorningCroissant:
  • Access to 10,000+ furnished and unfurnished properties from €300/month in 500+ cities
  • Save time: no need to visit properties thanks to virtual visits, HD photos, videos and floor plans
  • 100% online process: rental application, payment of rent, documents (invoices, certificates), e-signature of rental contracts, notice by electronic registered mail
  • Dematerialised tenant file validated in 24 hours
  • Automatic and secure online payment of rent by credit card or bank transfer
  • Rents collected by MorningCroissant on an escrow account to avoid any risk of fraud
  • Renting open to as many people as possible thanks to extensive eligibility and solvency criteria! Find out more
  • Transparent process: no discrimination, applications are processed and passed on to owners in order of arrival
  • Simplified home insurance: online application in 2 minutes, from €3.99/month, with no commitment

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