Service fees

Listing a property on MorningCroissant is completely free.
We will publish your ad on our website and those of our partners free of charge and without time limit.
This guarantees you visibility with 100,000+ potential tenants.

It's risk-free. Indeed we charge a monthly fee of 4.5% (including VAT) on the rents collected only:
  • in case of a confirmed rental;
  • after having checked and validated the tenant file and its solvency;
  • by guaranteeing you the rents even in the event of late payment or non-payment by the tenant.

This 4.5% fee (including VAT) is deducted from the rent (including charges) that you've set.
For example, if you propose a monthly rent incl. charges of 1000€, our fee will be 45€ per month (including VAT) and you'll receive 955€ per month.

For tacitly renewables long-term leases (1-year or 3-year), we also apply a one-off rental fee of 8€, 10€ or 12€ per m2 depending on the city.

Check the amounts and details of our fees.

Here's a quick reminder of the benefits for owners to use MorningCroissant:
  • Free marketing of your ad
  • Rent estimate and shooting offered (depending on the characteristics of your accommodation)
  • No exclusivity
  • Tenant files verified by MorningCroissant and our insurance partner
  • Collection and payment of rents managed by MorningCroissant on/from an escrow account
  • Guaranteed rents
  • Simplified rental management
  • Minimal management fees of 4.5% including VAT only charged in the case of rental - Learn more
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