Benefits for owners to go through MorningCroissant

All types of rentals
All types of terms (from 1 month to 1 year and more) and all types of leases (mobility lease, classic lease, company lease)

Free marketing
Free publication and marketing of your ad in a few minutes: no time limit, no commitment, on our partner sites (SeLoger, Leboncoin Pro, Facebook Marketplace...), with exposure to millions of visitors.

Estimate of rent and shooting offered
Benefit from our free advice for rent estimation, optimisation of your ad and, depending on the characteristics of your accommodation, a photo shooting and virtual visit worth 250€.

No exclusivity
You are free to publish your accommodation on other sites.

Constitution and verification of tenant files
Don't waste time: we will bring you qualified tenants, compile their files and check their solvency!

100% online
Simplified management with your lease applications, notices and documents online (lease, diagnostics, invoices...)

Calling, collecting and billing of rents
We're just doing it for you.

Guaranteed Rents
The rents are guaranteed and are paid to you on a fixed date each month, even in the event of late payment or unpaid rentals by the tenant. Learn more.

3X cheaper than a traditional agency
Management fee of 4.5% (incl. VAT) of the rent, levied only in case of rental. Learn more.

100% legal
Holder of the CPI 7501 2018 000 025 383 professional card, MorningCroissant has been in business since 2011 (100 000+ rentals completed, 0€ of unpaid rentals for owners) and operates in full compliance with regulations.

Customer support - phone, email & chat - dedicated to owners
Accessible even before you register on MorningCroissant

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