How to set the right rent level

Setting the right level of rent is an important step in renting your property. There are two key elements to keep in mind: rent control and vacancy.

1 - Respecting rent control
In certain areas, rent setting is subject to rent control:
  • the capping of rents, in relation to a reference rent, in effect in certain cities;
  • rent control on renewal, which limits the increase in rent between two tenants.
Learn more about rent control.

2 - Minimize rental vacancy
Don't forget that you are in competition with other owners and that a rental vacancy, even a small one, has a significant cost for you.
For example, 1 month of vacancy is equivalent to a loss of 8% of your annual rental income!  
So set market rents and optimize your annual rental income, even if it means lowering your monthly rent target.

 If you need help, you can use our free rent estimation tool. We'll get back to you to help you refine that estimate.
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