How to complete and sign the rental contract

A - General framework
The drafting of the rental contract (residential lease), responsibility of the owner, follows precise rules whether it is for furnished or unfurnished rentals.

We simplify things for owners with a 100% online, secure and legal process to complete and sign the rental agreement based on pre-filled templates.
NB: MorningCroissant is not a party to the lease.

As an owner, once the lease application is accepted on our platform, you will receive a pre-filled lease template to complete and sign electronically.

In order to benefit from our Unpaid Rent Guarantee, you must ensure that the lease is duly completed and signed by all parties.

B. Process for signing the lease electronically

This electronic signature process is fast, secure and 100% legal.

1. Once you've accepted the rental application, you will receive an email from Docusign, our partner for electronic signature.

2. From this email, click on the "Review Document" button to review and complete the lease if needed.

3. From the Docusign interface, complete and sign the lease by entering the authentication code received by phone if you have entered a mobile number in your MorningCroissant account or by email.

The contract is then automatically sent to the tenant for signature.
As soon as the tenant signs the contract, you will receive a copy of the lease signed electronically by all parties.
Do not hesitate to remind your tenant, via the MorningCroissant messaging system, before the planned date of entry into the premises if he/she is late in signing the lease.

C. Point of vigilance when completing your lease

The pre-filled model varies according to the type of rental proposed on our platform: civil lease, student lease (9 months), mobility lease (1-10 months) or ALUR lease (1-year tacitly renewable).

Whatever the type of lease, the drafting of the lease is your responsibility.

You must therefore ensure that :
  • the elements pre-filled on the basis of the information provided by you and those that you fill in directly on the Docusign interface are correct;
  • the lease contains all the necessary information and appendices;
  • the lease is signed by all parties: tenant, co-tenant and guarantor.
Case 1: Civil lease
The civil lease is used for a rental in which the accommodation is not the main residence of the tenant (ex: corporate lease).
In this case, the pre-filled template is complete. You must make sure that the information provided by you is correct before signing the contract electronically.

Case 2: leases subject to the law of July 89
These are furnished leases : 1-year tacitly renewable, student (9 months) and mobility (1 to 10 months).
Contrary to a civil law lease, we do not have all the necessary information to complete the entire lease.

Among the elements to complete, we draw your attention to the following points:
  • rent excluding charges and the amount of charges: only the rent including all charges is pre-filled;
  • the amount of the rent paid by the previous tenant, the reference rent / increased rent and additional rent if it applies to your accommodation (more info on the subject);
  • the amount of the security deposit;
  • recoverable expenses and payment methods for these expenses.
It is really important to fill in all the sections of the lease to avoid it being considered void.

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D. Annexes to the lease to be provided to the tenant
There are also elements to provide in appendices listed here.
Apart from the traditional technical diagnoses, we would like to draw your attention to the "Autorisation Préalable à la Mise en Location du logement" (APML), a document that is now required in certain communes following a recent measure.
For more simplicity, you can load these annexes in your user account (Listing > Diagnosis and safety).
The tenant will be able to consult and download these documents.
Please note that if the tenant does not wish to receive these documents electronically, he/she can ask for a physical copy.
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