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This page aims at answering any questions you may have regarding the use of cookies on MorningCroissant. We've followed the guidelines and best practices regarding the commercial use of cookies as published by the Union Française du Marketing Direct & Digital (available here).

We use cookies in order to improve our service offering and your overall experience on our site, 

What are cookies ?

Cookies are tiny files that Web sites install on the hard drive of your computer on your first visit.

They contain several types of data : 

Cookies have various functions: for instance, they can be used to store an online purchase basket, to save the language parameters of a site, to bookmark articles.

Agreement regarding cookies

Registering a cookie onto somebody's device / hard drive is clearly dependent on that person's agreement. She can decide to freely choose between the various setting options provided by her browser.

if you've set your browser settings to allow for cookies, then the cookies that are integrated into pages and content that you have browsed will be temporarily saved in a dedicated space on your device. They'll be only visible by their originator.

Blocking cookies

If you block cookies or delete previous ones, you will no longer benefit from a number of features that still can be necessary to access certain parts of our site, for instance when you wish to access content or services that require your signing in.

We inform you that blocking or delting cookies necessary to an optimal experience on our site can lead to a downgraded service on our site. This personal choice is yours and we cannot be held responsible for any consequences induced by such a choice.

Deleting cookies

You can block cookies by changing your browser settings. This modification will delete all cookies used by your browser, including those used by other websites which could lead to a downgraded experience or even the loss of settings or information. Deleting cookies can change your browsing experience on our site, to the point of even making it difficult.

You can block cookies by changing your browser's settings as explained on the various links listed below:

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