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What are the advantages in using the MorningCroissant website to list my properties ?

As a host, you will enjoy many advantages with the MorningCroissant platform :

  • The most important of all is that you would benefit from MorningCroissant’s high traffic rate. Indeed, through our platform, we connect you with a tremendous number of potential tenants from all over the world.

  • With MorningCroissant, you favor rentals of several months to one year. Rentals that presents from many advantages, especially in terms of daily management.
  • Another advantage is that you are guaranteed to collect the rental amount. Indeed, MorningCroissant is the only platform to guarantee against loss of rent for an property in France, even if the tenant fails to pay his rent ! And this at no extra cost ! For more information, please read the section Are rents guaranteed by MorningCroissant ?
  • Finally, each guest is offered a AXA household insurance policy and in this way you are indirectly covered. In fact this insurance covers every guest for a stay of less than 1 year in France against any accidental damage he might cause and against any incidental damage that may occur during his stay (fire, flood, freezing). For more information, please read the section on Insurance & safety.
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